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National Sex Ed Week of Action!

Pop Quiz: what’s the one subject in school that could potentially save your life? No, it’s not physics, although I’m sure some science teachers have tried to convince you otherwise. It’s sex education. And too many of our students aren’t getting it. This week – September 20th – 24th — is the National Sex Ed […]

What don’t you want your tax dollars to go to?

From the Center for Reproductive Rights, comes this great video of some of my favorite bloggers answering the question: “Some in Congress don’t want federal money going to fund abortions. I don’t want MY tax dollars spent on _________.” You can send in your own 20 second video for their campaign. Reminder, Congress is finalizing […]

Required Reading

Wow. This weekend was a doozy. Here’s what you should be reading this week: So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, severely restricting abortion coverage in health care, passed a little before midnight on Saturday. Cecile Richards is on Hardball with Chris Mathews TONIGHT to talk about the […]