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Newly Designed NYC Condoms Hit The Streets

Just spotted in our health center — the latest in NYC condoms with a “power” button front and center. Clever pun? Ripoff of our “Planning is Power” (PDF) campaign from a few years ago? Tell us, what do you think of the new design?

Green Sex!

In her new book, Stefanie Iris Weiss introduces us to eco-sexuality. Eco-Sex explores dozens of ways to go green in the bedroom, leading to a better, healthier, environmentally conscious love life. Well, we like this idea so much we decided to bring it to all of you. So, join the author and PPNYC supporters at […]

What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Here are a few of the stories we’ve been paying attention to: Our own Dana Czuczka was on the CBS Channel 2 evening news tonight talking about a new study showing teens are more likely to use condoms than adults. The Staten Island Advance covered our first day of providing services out on Staten Island. […]

What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Here’s what we’ve been paying attention to: PPNYC CEO Joan Malin has an op ed in the Huffington post about why 40 years of legal abortion in NY state is a good thing. That piece was also picked up on RH Reality Check, On Topix, and News Fit Info. Jezebel has a great write-up of […]

What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Here are a few of the stories that we’ve been paying attention to this past week: On the home front, Our Town Newspaper interviewed covered sex education and our “We’re Going to the Principal’s Office” campaign. As did the blog NYC Moms. And the blog “From Hip to Housewife.” And finally, PPNYC’s own Elizabeth Kahn […]

Required Reading

Wow. This weekend was a doozy. Here’s what you should be reading this week: So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, severely restricting abortion coverage in health care, passed a little before midnight on Saturday. Cecile Richards is on Hardball with Chris Mathews TONIGHT to talk about the […]

Do you think protecting reproductive rights is sexy?

If so, you should consider dating our very brave Manager of Political Affairs, Caroline Mello, who was just featured in Time Out New York this week! The theme of this week’s ‘Date Our Friends’ section was “Sex & Dating Pros” and Caroline was featured for helping to protect our sexual and reproductive rights — alongside […]

Jonas Brothers’ Mom on Safe [non]Sex

Not that I’m a huge fan, but I couldn’t help but pay attention when I saw that according to People Magazine the Jonas Brothers’ mom is speaking out about the boys’ sexuality: “They are men. They have desires. They have testosterone,” she says. “If they make a mistake, I’m not going to hate them.” … […]