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Jessica Valenti’s Big Fat Feminist Wedding.

I’m not sure how many of you are having this same experience, but I’m definitely reaching an age where I have a lot of friends getting married (or struggling to get married, as is the case with some of my friends in same-sex partnerships). I’ve been a bridesmaid many many times over the past few […]

Who do you listen to when it comes to birth control?

Check out this hilarious new video from Sarah Haskins, all about Lady Friends! Sarah’s stuff is hilarious, and this one is sure no exception. But it got me thinking — as much as the advertising industry may try and unrealistically use the concept of a woman and her friends sharing information (hello granny panties!), that […]

So how would you market the “male pill” to men?

You may remember, a few weeks ago we were all excited about the possibility of a male contraceptive pill, even while we were wondering whether or not we’d trust the men in our lives to take them. Well the BBC is reporting that scientists are close to perfecting a testosterone shot that would act as […]

Latest Sarah Haskins!

http://current.com/e/89993567/en_US Check out the latest Sarah Haskins video, and have a good weekend! What are you up to?