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New! Improved! And More Places Than Ever Before!

Welcome back ! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July and long weekend. I know I for one am very excited to be back — why, you might ask? Well because we’ve had some very exciting developments at PPNYC over the weekend! We’ve just launched our brand-new facebook fan page, and already in […]

What to expect when you’re unexpecting

In the very recent history of actual abortion blogs, comes the latest from the tumblr Un-expecting. Similar to the pioneering What to expect when you’re aborting, Un-expecting chronicles a girl’s experience as she goes through the procedure from start to finish, from worries to choices to how she feels once it’s over. As “What To […]

Price of codoms worldwide

In case you’re traveling to Ireland or something and didn’t realize you should probably stock up, below find a handy-dandy chart of condom prices around the world. And while they may be kind of pricey here in NYC, don’t forget: at Planned Parenthood they’re always free! (via)