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All About IUDs

Quick Hit — for anyone who hasn’t seen it already, we have a great piece up (not to toot out own horn) on IUDs over at RH Reality Check. It actually had an interesting genesis — there had been a lot of good coverage of IUDs in the press lately, bringing out a lot of […]

What You Should Have Read, But Might Have Missed Last Week.

Here are a few important headlines from last week: NY Daily News has a piece about a Queens shelter refusing to accept those with HIV/AIDS. CNN.com rebuts the Family Research Council’s misleading ad attacking Planned Parenthood and health care reform. So does Salon. and The American Prospect. US News has an article on the Ryan-DeLauro […]

What the Internet Thinks: Condoms Good, Birth Control Bad, and Abortion is a Tricky Issue

A friend of mine sent me a link to the web site What Does The Internet Think? which, according to the description, uses search engine results to get a general sense if the Internet is positive, negative or neutral on any given topic. So of course what’s the first thing I do? Search for reproductive-health […]