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Global Gag Rule Reversed!

Our full statement will be up on Huffington Post soon, but I wanted to just celebrate the reversal of the Global Gag Rule! Joan Malin has to say: Now, millions of women around the world will be able to access critical basic services including safe abortion and birth control. Thanks to President Obama, thousands of […]

Happy Holidays New York! Love, HHS

In case you were wondering how the horrific HHS Regs affect us here in good old liberal NYC? The outlook isn’t pretty. From Joan Malin (president of PPNYC) in the Huffington Post today: The Department of Health and Human Services issued a rule today that allows health care workers to deny patients vital care, information […]

Julie Rovner on HHS ruling on NPR this past Wed

BRAND: All right. So come January 20th when there’s a new president in town, can’t he just simply over turn these regulations? ROVNER: Well, actually, the new president can’t overturn these regulations, but because the administration has waited so long, it’s possible that the new Congress can. There’s something called the Congressional Review Act and […]

HHS Regulations Are Issued

“The patient has an interest in obtaining legal health care services….This must be balanced against the statutory right of the provider in the context of a federally funded entity to not be discriminated against based on a refusal to participate in a service to which they have objections, such as abortion.” RH Reality Check has […]

How soon will the HHS regulations come down?

The horrific HHS regulations, which as the LA Times pointed out on Dec 2 would basically erase the credibility of the medical profession, might become law this week. Stay tuned.