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Do you know what the “G” in G spot stands for?

Last Tuesday, July 13, more than 100 guests gathered at the Cornerstone Tavern on Second Avenue for the first ever PPNYC-Actvist-Council-sponsored sex ed trivia night! Participants broke into 23 teams, and answered questions like: “Which famous NY deli did Meg Ryan fake an orgasm in?” and “Which state was the first to give women the […]

Summer Love: Are We As Seasonal As The Rest of the Animal Kingdom?

A friend sent me this post over at Glamour magazine today, and it got me thinking. With the unofficial kickoff to summer upon us, how *do* you feel about summer romance? Animals definitely have seasonal mating periods, and hormones may rule women’s attraction levels throughout the month, but do us humans ever have our romances […]

Have a good weekend!

I’m not sure how it is for everyone else around the country, but here in New York it really is starting to feel like Summer. So I thought I’d share this great picture of two Dragonflies — just a reminder that yes, even insects have to think about reproductive health too. So tell me, what […]

Como Hacer Un Bebe

Thanks to Jo, comes this cute video on “how to make a baby.” (note, for real information on how to make a baby, check here)