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What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Here are a few of the news stories we’ve been paying attention to this week: Fantastic piece in the Staten Island Advance about Planned Parenthood of New York City beginning to offer services there. NY1 also covered the expansion. Feministing did a trivia giveaway for the National Sex Ed Week of Action. As did Feministe. […]

What you should have read, but might have missed.

Here are a few of the stories we’ve been following: Our Town ran another piece on our “We’re Going to the Principal’s Office” campaign. As did the West Side Spirit. PPFA’s own Dr. Vanessa Cullins is quoted in Albany Times Union about RHA. A great IPV blog picked up our teen advocates’ skit on IPV. […]

We asked, You answered: THIS is what we want from health care reform!


What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

A few of the latest reproductive health headlines from last week: CNNMoney.com profiles Eileen Kohlhepp, a self-employed animator who doesn’t have health insurance and visits Planned Parenthood for her annual exams. The Pew Forum cites Concerned Clergy for Choice, a project of The Education Fund of Family Planning Advocates of New York State, in their […]

Top Ten Contraceptive Myths

Good morning everyone! No matter how well-informed our parents were, or how many times we had that “birds and the bees” conversation with our parents, each and every one of us grew up thinking something crazy about sex and the way babies were made. I remember my best friend Baron insisting that babies came out […]

Why does this prevention message seem so half-hearted?

Yes, yes, I’ve seen it — Bristol Palin talking about preventing teen pregnancy on the Today Show, Good Morning America and every national network that covered the Candie Foundation Town Hall meeting in NYC. It’s definitely a relief to see a national conversation about our disproportionately high teen pregnancy rate, especially one that’s focused on […]

So how would you market the “male pill” to men?

You may remember, a few weeks ago we were all excited about the possibility of a male contraceptive pill, even while we were wondering whether or not we’d trust the men in our lives to take them. Well the BBC is reporting that scientists are close to perfecting a testosterone shot that would act as […]

Congressman John Boehner admits condoms aren’t stimulating, don’t help America grow

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