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Best Condom Ads

Before the long weekend (and L’Shana Tova for all those celebrating new years!) I wanted to share this great Slate news piece on the best condom ads world wide. I personally am in love with the British one, where he references Lord of the Rings. You’ll know what I mean when you watch it. more […]

Would Saddam Hussein’s Face Ruin Your Mood?

I’m all for a good safe sex campaign, but check out these “Trouble Maker” condoms from HanTang Communications Group. Funny, although their tagline “Such tragedy could have been easily avoided” leaves me with mixed feelings. Plus, don’t you think pulling out a condom with Saddam Hussein’s face on it would be a total mood killer? […]

Get Yourself Tested!

Go to folder – FileFactory.com Checkout PPNYC’s latest radio ad — running all this week! And don’t forget, get yourself tested!