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Christian Side Hug Abstinence Rap

more about "Christian Side Hug", posted with vodpod This amazing video, about the “Christian Side Hug” is an amazing example of what happens when abstinence-only proponents begin to create their own version of hip hop culture. According to the blog The Sexist at the Washington City Paper: The Christian Side-Hug rap comes courtesy of the […]

What You Should Have Read, But Might Have Missed Last Week.

Here are a few important headlines from last week: NY Daily News has a piece about a Queens shelter refusing to accept those with HIV/AIDS. CNN.com rebuts the Family Research Council’s misleading ad attacking Planned Parenthood and health care reform. So does Salon. and The American Prospect. US News has an article on the Ryan-DeLauro […]

News that you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Last week was quite a week! In the reproductive rights and health world: Jessica Valenti has a great piece on how the virginity movement is trying to re-brand itself. Megan at Jezebel has a piece up on Jezebel about whether the porn industry should start using condoms, and how that affects our images of sex. […]