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What don’t you want your tax dollars to go to?

From the Center for Reproductive Rights, comes this great video of some of my favorite bloggers answering the question: “Some in Congress don’t want federal money going to fund abortions. I don’t want MY tax dollars spent on _________.” You can send in your own 20 second video for their campaign. Reminder, Congress is finalizing […]

What exactly happened this weekend?

Anyone who was on facebook or twitter this weekend, might have noticed that there were drastic changes introduced into the Senate version of health care reform. For anyone who wasn’t following the latest health care news (New York was battling a blizzard and thwarted travel plans after all) here’s a recap: On Saturday morning, Senator […]

Oklahoma wants to do WHAT now??

Megan Carpentier on Rachel Maddow last night, talking about the Oklahoma law that will publicly display detailed information about who’s getting an abortion, why and how they paid for it. The clip starts at 2:20, and my favorite quote: “If they can’t change your mind, if they can’t make you believe as they believe about […]