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Summer, Sex and Spirits!

Thank you all for coming, it was such a fantastic night! We’ve uploaded the first batch of photos from the night, check them out on Facebook, and let us know if you have more you’d like to add!

This Daylight Savings, Why Not Check Your Condoms Too?

We all know condoms expire, right? But just how often do we remember to check them? Well, probably close to never, which is why this Daylight Savings Planned Parenthood of New York City has partnered with web cartoonistNatalie Dee to remind you that after you set your clocks back, you should check your condoms’ expiration […]

Come Crack Up While Learning Something!

Tonight our Action Fund, that’s the political arm of Planned Parenthood of New York City, is hosting a fantastic all-female comedy lineup. In addition to hysterical (and believe me, as someone obsessed with puns I’ve tried to fit one in here — Hystericalectemy almost made an appearance in this post until someone pointed out that […]

Rally This Weekend!

I know more than a few of you have heard about the rally the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is attending this weekend, in support of health care reform. If you’re still wondering whether or not it’s worth attending, let me remind you that some of the most vicious attacks against health care reform have been […]

Whoa: Scientist-made sperm.

A friend of mine sent me this article this morning on the BBC web site about scientists in the Newcastle who have created the first man-made (well, scientist-made in a lab anyways) sperm. Developed using stem cells, the little guys are able to swim on their own. There’s still a good five years before the […]

NYC Pride!

We’ve finally got the pictures from the Pride Parade up! The whole day was a lot of fun, even though it was packed — we heard the parade had three times as many participants as it usually does! Check out the pictures below of our fantastic Activists and staffers. And in case you STILL can’t […]

Actually, it looks like I’ll be “One More”

I’m not gonna lie, I think those Gardasil commercials are fantastic. You know, the ones with the girls jumping rope, or coming in from a soccer game, pledging to be “One Less”? Well they’re so good that I decided, despite the increased FDA warnings, I wanted to go ahead and get the vaccine that protects […]

PPNYC to NY State Senate: Get Back to Work!

I’m not sure if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening in the New York State Senate lately, but the short of it is that it’s been a mess. All politics aside, one of the biggest tragedies of the fighting in Albany has been that some important pieces of legislation have been essentially stalled. […]

Should Sex Ed Always Be Sex-Positive?

A friend sent me this link to a new Sex Ed web site called Sex.Really., sponsored by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Unlike some other sex ed web sites, it’s geared towards women in their 20’s, and is designed to “provide food for thought, and for discussion. Sort of like a […]

We have a Reader Diary!

Anyone who isn’t reading the great reproductive health news site RH Reality Check already should hop on over there. They are the best resource out there for the latest news and opinion from reproductive health sources all over the world. But, if you really needed another reason to visit the site, well we’ve got one. […]