What Roe Means to Me.

Today is the 38th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, and to honor it we’re sharing stories from our supporters of what Roe has meant to them. Want to share your story? Leave it in the comments below or email us. You can read the whole series here.

“I woke up one morning in March my freshman year of college with no memory of the night before. A month later I found out that I’d thrown up, passed out and was raped that night by an acquaintance. Before him I’d had only one sexual partner. The combination of the stress and the weight loss made my period stop. I thought I was pregnant, yet somehow, the thought didn’t make me more upset than I already was. Carrying a pregnancy to term didn’t have to be a consequence of my assault thanks to Roe v. Wade.

I knew I could go to Planned Parenthood. I knew they wouldn’t judge me. I knew they would tell me the truth. I knew I had a way to put the ordeal behind me thanks to Roe v. Wade. In the end, I wasn’t pregnant but my pregnancy scare was simply a drop in the trauma bucket rather than a life changing 9 month constant reminder of what had happened to me – because of Roe v. Wade.

Three years later my best friend found out she was pregnant a week before graduation. We were graduating into the great recession with no job prospects. Her boyfriend was two years younger and wouldn’t be earning money for years as he had plans for graduate school. We cried a lot. We sobbed. We still felt like kids. We were still in school. We had no autonomy. She wasn’t ready for a baby. She wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the rest of her life. She wasn’t ready to choose the path of motherhood.

Someday, we’ll both probably be mothers. Good mothers, I hope. We want the best for our future kids – with the partners we choose and in a time and circumstance that we choose.”

— Anonymous, 23

Want to share your story? Leave it in the comments below or email us.

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