What Roe Meant to Rosalyn

In honor of the 38th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, we’re sharing stories from our supporters of what Roe has meant to them. Want to share your story? Leave it in the comments below or email us. You can read the whole series here.

“In the early 60s while a college student I got pregnant. Abortion was illegal, and though my parents were liberal I didn’t want to involve them. My boyfriend found someone through his father. It cost a fortune back then. We borrowed money from many friends and years later I’d meet people who said, yeah aren’t you the girl that had an abortion. The bad girl reputation followed me for years.

I had no anesthetic and the doctor took more care counting the cash than he did with me. He said, “Don’t cry.” After the abortion I went to the bathroom and sobbed. He had his nurse haul me out, and told me if there was anything wrong don’t call. I bled thought I was dying, but was OK. I’m a grandmother of two.

Now, as a professor, I have helped dozens of students continue their education. Some were excellent students who began to not show up for class. When I inquired they told me they were pregnant and giving up. I’ve arranged legal, inexpensive safe abortions for them at Planned Parenthood and want to keep it that way. I hear from these students now mothers, lawyers, and social workers and they thank me for helping them with their abortions.”

— Rosalyn, 64

Want to share your story? Leave it in the comments below or email us.

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