What Roe Means to Merav

In honor of the 38th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, we’re sharing stories from our supporters of what Roe has meant to them. Want to share your story? Leave it in the comments below or email us. You can read the whole series here.

“Right after graduating from college, moving out of my dorm and into an apt, I got my first job, working 12 hours a day and being paid very little. On week 4 of the job my paycheck still hadn’t arrived and my first rent check for my first month, last month and security deposit bounced, creating a huge overdraft in my bank account. That was also the day I discovered I was pregnant.

I was 28 years old, not a teenager, but in no way could support myself, let alone a baby. My family, in its entirety, lives abroad, so no help there. I would have to quit the job I barely started, and I had no health insurance, no income, and the guy I got pregnant with I had no intentions staying in any sort of relations with.

When I arrived at Planned Parenthood it was literally – what do you want to do, when do you want to do it, how, and where. And this was all that I needed. In addition, they made sure that I realized that right after the abortion I was very fertile, and approved me for a free IUD, which I still am happily using currently, 4 years later.

I am now working in a steady job, making more than enough to live on, in a loving and stable 3.5 year relationship, and could not have been more thankful to Planned Parenthood for their help.”

— Merav, 33

Want to share your story? Leave it in the comments below or email us.

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