Why Elections Matter.

Do you live in Queens? Well then you might be interested to know that the PPNYC Action Fund endorsed Tony Avella for State Senator in District 11. He’s running against incumbent Frank Padavan.

Did you know?

As one of the most entrenched elected officials in New York State, Frank Padavan has taken every opportunity to vote against women’s health in his 38 years in the State Senate.

He voted against common-sense health legislation like the Women’s Health and Wellness bill that ensured contraceptives would be covered by insurance plans, and that established minimum coverage requirements for mammograms in helping to detect breast cancer.

Frank Padavan was also 1 of just 4 State Senators to vote against the Clinic Access and Anti-Stalking Act, legislation that ensured women have safe access to reproductive health centers. And he voted against the Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act, legislation that would have increased access to emergency contraception.

In stark contrast, Tony Avella voted in favor of a law requiring the New York City Department of Health make available emergency contraception at its health centers, health stations, health clinics or other health facilities, and he voted in favor of a law to ensure all New York City hospitals provide emergency contraception to rape survivors.

We’ll keep you posted as election day draws closer, but in the meantime, check it out, educate yourself, and make sure you stay involved!

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