Do you know what the “G” in G spot stands for?

Last Tuesday, July 13, more than 100 guests gathered at the Cornerstone Tavern on Second Avenue for the first ever PPNYC-Actvist-Council-sponsored sex ed trivia night!

Participants broke into 23 teams, and answered questions like:

  • “Which famous NY deli did Meg Ryan fake an orgasm in?” and
  • “Which state was the first to give women the right to vote?”

(That’s Katz’s Deli and Wyoming, in case you weren’t at the trivia night)

Winners got prizes donated by the great Babeland, and all proceeds go to support PPNYC’s services and advocacy work. Checkout our pictures below, and congrats to the winning team of the night, team Feel Good!

Think you could blow the competition out of the water? Stay tuned for info on our next Sex Ed Trivia night, to be announced soon!

PS — The “G” stands for Dr. Grafenburg, who publicized work about the famed anatomical area.

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