What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Here’s what we’ve been paying attention to:

  • You may have seen, but our CEO Joan Malin had an op ed in The Huffington Post and RH Reality Check on the importance of conversation.
  • Feministing carried a post with the main points on their site.
  • Our Vice President of education, Haydee Morales, had an op ed on the same subject in El Diario.
  • Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security was monitoring both pro- and anti-choice groups for threat levels last year.
  • The NY State Senate voted to expel Senator Hiram Monserrate.
  • You can see his speech here.
  • RH Reality Check has a good roundup of how Obama’s budget affects women’s health.
  • And Dick Cheney is calling for a repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

That’s all we’ve got. What have you been reading?

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