Haiti Update

An update from our post on Haiti yesterday:

  • International Planned Parenthood Western Hemisphere Region is both a provider of and an advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. IPPF/WHR is accepting donations for PROFAMIL, a locally based Haitian organization, fully staffed & operated by Haitian nurses, doctors & volunteers. 100% of the donations are going directly to PROFAMIL’s operations, restoring basic medical services at their clinics.
  • The Awl has a heart-wrenching story about demolished hospitals and a pregnant woman who was forced to give birth in a parking lot.
  • Broadsheet has a great piece up that also goes into why women and children are often hit hardest by disasters.
  • Michelle Goldberg has a piece up at the Daily Beast about one of the few remaining operational hospitals and the great work Partners in Health is doing right now.
  • As commenter Mary pointed out, Doctors Without Borders provides emergency OBGYN care as well.
  • Journalist Mark Turner was living in Haiti with his family when the earthquake hit, you can read his poignant firsthand dispatches on his blog.
  • International relief organization Action Against Hunger is on the ground providing water and sanitation assistance.

Thanks for all the updates people have been sending in, and please keep them coming!

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