What you should have read, but might have missed, over the past few weeks.

Welcome back! Hope you’re well-rested and had a great new year. Here are a few of the important news stories you may have missed over the holidays:

  • The Senate passed a health care reform bill which includes language severely restricting access to abortion.
  • Senator Brownback has an op ed about how the Nelson abortion language is a radical change from the status quo.
  • As does FireDogLake.
  • Talking Points Memo has a piece on what happens next with health Care Reform.
  • As does CNN.
  • Burlington Free Press has a great Op Ed about how the debates over abortion coverage center around a woman’s ability to pay for the procedure.
  • Francis Kipling has a great piece reminding us that abortion is a legal medical procedure.
  • Cynthia Nixon has been speaking out against the abortion provisions in Health Care Reform.
  • Newsweek has a great piece on the end to abstinence-only education.
  • Obama has made the first ever presidential appointment of a transgender person.
  • The US has lifted the travel ban on people who are HIV+, and the Advocate is reporting on the first man to take advantage.
  • The NY Times has a great article on the connection between US evangelicals and horrific anti-LGBT legislation in Uganda.
  • The man who murdered Dr. George Tiller’s trial is beginning.
  • RH Reality Check has a great list of the top ten wins for women’s health in 2009.
  • Baltimore’s law requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to fully disclaim the services they do and don’t provide, went into effect on Jan 1.

That’s all we’ve got. Let us know what you’ve been reading.

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