Not in DC today? Here’s what you can do:

Today, December 2, is the National Lobby Day to Pass Health Care Reform & Stop Stupak. If you weren’t able to go down to DC on one of the 6am buses, never fear! There are still tons of ways that you can help.

Those of us stuck at work or miles away from our nation’s capitol, we can very much still make our voices heard, especially when it comes to using social media!

  • If you’re on Twitter:
    • Make sure you’re following the PPNYC and PPNYC Action Fund Twitters as we live tweet our day of action.

      Tweet your own updates! And make sure to add the #stopstupak hashtag to all your tweets!

  • If you’re on Facebook:
    • Change your Facebook Status to read: “Today is the National Day of Action to pass health care reform and stop the abortion coverage ban. Right now, DC is crawling with activists who are delivering our message to Congress. You can help too, by changing your facebook status and profile photo today. Pass it on!”

      Change your profile picture to the Stop Stupak sign

  • In General:

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