What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Here are a few things we were reading last week:

  • PPNYCer Haydee Morales has an op ed in El Diario about National Latino Aids Awareness Day.
  • The Huffington Post highlights the story of a rape survivor who goes to Planned Parenthood for annual exams because her insurance company denied her coverage.
  • TIME.com looks at the Catholic bishops’ shifting concerns on abortion and health care reform.
  • US News and World Report mentions Planned Parenthood’s Day of Action for health care reform.
  • The Economist writes about Guttmacher’s report on contraception and abortions worldwide.
  • The Washington Post had a great piece on DC’s AIDS crisis.
  • RH Reality Check has a good piece on coverage of the Shriver Report.
  • And, according to the NY Daily News, condoms are now just as popular as the birth control pill amongst young women.

That’s all we’ve got. Tell us, what did you read?

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