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The Planned Parenthood Activist Council is a group that was launched at the beginning of 2005 for people who want to get more involved in Planned Parenthood’s advocacy work. It’s made up of tireless, amazing men and women who do everything from run advocacy campaigns to hold fundraisers and everything in between. Every Tuesday we run “Meet the Activists” a weekly snapshot into who these fabulous volunteers are. You can learn more about the Activist Council, and find out how to join, by going to our web site.

Em_picName: Emily Schunk

Age: 27

Profession: Graduate student, getting a Masters in public health

Where do you hail from? Minneapolis, MN

Why did you get involved with the Activist Council? I’ve always been somewhat intimidated by the term “activist” (due to my shy nature) and avoided being one because of that. When I got an email about “activist training” I signed up right away – I got super psyched because I realized that I could learn to become an activist and contribute more to women’s and reproductive rights.

What’s the most exciting/terrifying/invigorating thing you’ve done while a member? So far, I am the most excited about the upcoming Body Politic Music Event (Oct 28) – I have never planned an event and feel really empowered doing all these things I never thought I would be good at!

Why is it important to be involved? There are so many reasons to be involved, but for me I like the feeling of taking responsibility for something that I believe in. It’s so easy to talk big, but to do something – that fills my life with growth, courage, friends and power!

Sound good to you? If you want to get involved, check out our Activist Council!

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