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The Planned Parenthood Activist Council is a group that was launched at the beginning of 2005 for people who want to get more involved in Planned Parenthood’s advocacy work. It’s made up of tireless, amazing men and women who do everything from run advocacy campaigns to hold fundraisers and everything in between. Every Tuesday we run “Meet the Activists” a weekly snapshot into who these fabulous volunteers are. You can learn more about the Activist Council, and find out how to join, by going to our web site.

Activists_Janice_FormichellaName: Janice Formichella

Age: 28

Profession: Women’s activist

Where do you hail from? Originally from Phoenix Metro area (Queen Creek, AZ to be specific)

Why did you get involved with the Activist Council? I got involved with the Activist Council after moving to NYC from AZ, where I was involved in a very active feminist community. I actually met a girl at an Activist Council event who I became friends with and invited me to join. It was great to be turned on to a group of passionate activists and it felt like a good fit for me.

What’s the most exciting/terrifying/invigorating thing you’ve done while a member? Having the opportunity to be trained as a Boot Camp facilitator meant a lot to me. I have a lot of experience as a campus activist and firmly believe that campuses are an untapped source of passion, knowledge, and creativity that all progressive causes could be utilizing better. Having the opportunity to help educate campus feminists about reproductive rights activism is the best opportunity I could have asked for as a member.

Why is it important to be involved?

Reproductive rights activism is a vitally important cause to be involved with as a progressive because of the way that women’s health impacts society as a whole. I believe in the ability the family has to be a positive influence on society and want to do what I can to ensure that we build happy, healthy homes and families.

I also stay involved with this work because I am a strong believer in the power of the process of organizing. My experience as a feminist activist has allowed me to witness the power solidarity has on women’s lives. There is so much more to activism and organizing than the final result, there is much to be gained by simply being involved with the process. It creates a powerful energy that really improves the lives of those involved, and those they come in contact with. I am passionate about making the process valuable to those involved, and I look forward to bringing this passion to NYC campuses as a Boot Camp facilitator.

Sound good to you? If you want to get involved, check out our Activist Council!

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