What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

A few of the articles we were reading last week:

  • PPNYC President and CEO Joan Malin had a great letter to the editor about sex education in the New York Times.
  • Up in Albany, lots of Planned Parenthood pink T-shirts were out in force for President Obama’s visit to Albany in the Albany Times Union.
  • Laurie Rubiner, Vice President at Planned Parenthood Federation of America was talking to the AP about health care reform.
  • PolitiFact rebutted the National Right to Life’s misleading charge on Baucus bill on health care reform, and quotes PP’s take on Baucus bill
  • Deb Kotz highlighted a new Guttmacher study showing the impact of the economy on women’s health (and points to Planned Parenthood as a option for women!).
  • Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s president was quoted in HealthDay on Guttmacher’s new study on economy and women’s health.
  • Tom Subak, also from PPFA, was quoted on BlogHer about PP’s online tools and strategy.
  • And finally, NBC New York highlighted Brian Reyes designed Planned Parenthood Proper Attire condoms.

That’s all we’ve got. What did you read?

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