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BodyPolitic.Card.04.4x6.BackTonight our Action Fund, that’s the political arm of Planned Parenthood of New York City, is hosting a fantastic all-female comedy lineup. In addition to hysterical (and believe me, as someone obsessed with puns I’ve tried to fit one in here — Hystericalectemy almost made an appearance in this post until someone pointed out that would actually mean the REMOVAL of comedy) comics, the Action Fund staffers will be filling in voters about who’s who in the local elections. You might be surprised to find out that not all local NYC politicians are pro-choice. In fact some have routinely voted against legislation as basic as sex education or the clinic access bill. So isn’t it worth making sure you don’t mistakenly vote for them? Especially if comedy and happy hour specials are thrown into the mix?
Anyways, it’s tonight, at The Tank. Hopefully I’ll see you all there!

Body Politic 09: Laughing Liberally!

6-7pm: Happy Hour

7-9pm: Comedy Sets & A Talk with the PPNYC Action Fund’s Political Team

Find out who your local pro-choice candidates are in this year’s election and get your laugh on with

Becky Donogue – Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and Shorties Watchin’ Shorties

Mindy Raf – VH1, College Humor, WABC

Katie Halper – Stand Up NY, Netroots Nation, The Nation Cruise

Heather Gold – SF Sketchfest, NPR, Curve’s National Lesbian Theatre Award

Naomi Ekperigin – Stand Up NY, Upright Citizens Brigade, Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival

Limited seats available.

Tickets are only $15 – Reserve Today!

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