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The Planned Parenthood Activist Council is a group that was launched at the beginning of 2005 for people who want to get more involved in Planned Parenthood’s advocacy work. It’s made up of tireless, amazing men and women who do everything from run advocacy campaigns to hold fundraisers and everything in between. Every Tuesday we run “Meet the Activists” a weekly snapshot into who these fabulous volunteers are. You can learn more about the Activist Council, and find out how to join, by going to our web site.

Name: Vanessa “VBoogie” Burnett

Age: 35

Profession: QA Documentation Specialist

Where do you hail from? A small town in SoCal. They still don’t have sidewalks or street lights. Seriously.

Why did you get involved with the Activist Council? I was working for Pfizer and received an e-mail asking if I wanted to join. Thinking it would be a great way to save my soul (and I already donated to PP) I figured it would be a great fit.

What’s the most exciting/terrifying/invigorating thing you’ve done while a member? Most exciting thing has to be the women that I have met. Imagine coming from a small, slightly backwards town to the big city and meeting women who think like you do, who want to work towards the same common goal. Women who are strong, intellectual, funny feminists. It makes volunteering that much more exciting.

The most terrifying thing was the thought of a McCain/Palin win and thinking I might not be doing enough.

The most invigorating thing is the support I get from people when I tell them what I do and the vehement Yes! I want to help! That usually follows.

Why is it important to be involved? I think it is critical to be involved. I do believe that as a woman you have a responsibility to become involved in any way you can. We all have different strengths and volunteering is a great way to utilize those strengths. I never realized that working for women’s reproductive health and access is an ongoing effort (some might say battle). We are not working just for us but for those who come from small towns like I did who may not have the access that we do in NY and larger cities.

Sound good to you? If you want to get involved, check out our Activist Council!

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