Health Care Reform Myths

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you might have noticed this little thing called health care reform being debated in Congress, talked about by our President, and covered by every major and minor news outlet imaginable. When there are so many crazy town hall protests, or conservatives claiming that Obama wants a mandatory euthanasia program for the edlerly, it’s hard to have a real conversation about what’s best for our country. Unfortunately, that’s just what the opponents of health care reform are going for.

Fortunately, there’s still lots of good information out there to help you wade through the madness, including this great Myths VS. Facts piece by Cecile Richards at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. We’ve reprinted it below so you can sift through it at your leisure — or use it in the conversations you’re having about how health care reform should help all Americans, and not leave women worse off than they were before.

    1. MYTH: Health care reform would result in the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.
    REALITY: Currently, the majority of plans already cover basic reproductive health care, including abortion care. In fact, more than 86 percent of employer-based insurance plans cover abortion care. That’s why anti-choice groups are working so hard to strip reproductive health from health care reform — in order to strip women of coverage they currently have.

    2. MYTH: Taxpayer money would be used to pay for abortions in the public plan.
    REALITY: Opponents of reproductive health care are trying to confuse people into thinking that the public plan is a government-funded health plan like Medicaid or Medicare — it is not. The public health insurance plan would operate like any private insurance plan would. It would be funded and paid for by private individual premiums, in the same way a private insurance plan is. Therefore, there is no reason to treat any coverage issue, including abortion coverage, differently in the public health insurance plan than in private plans.

    3. MYTH: Health care reform will “mandate” abortion coverage.
    REALITY: Nothing in any of the current health care reform bills mandates abortion coverage — or any other type of health care service. Opponents of women’s health and health care reform are trying to hijack health care reform to push for unprecedented prohibitions on abortion coverage in the private marketplace.

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  1. Posted September 15, 2009 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

    A landmark breakthrough was announced today between Democratic and Republican negotiators in both the House and Senate on the contentious issue of health care reform.

    The Republicans are delighted.

    The Democrats got pretty much all they were hoping for, including a public option for health care insurance, but the Republicans successfully inserted a provision whereby they can send “Compassionate Conservative” squads to every hospital, clinic, and Emergency Room, and have the power to tell those institutions which Americans (and non-Americans) are allowed to receive medical care. (Clue: Sarcasm.)

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    I’m only a country doctor, but I hope will read my post on this subject today and leave a comment.

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