Jessica Valenti’s Big Fat Feminist Wedding.

I’m not sure how many of you are having this same experience, but I’m definitely reaching an age where I have a lot of friends getting married (or struggling to get married, as is the case with some of my friends in same-sex partnerships). I’ve been a bridesmaid many many times over the past few years, and while I definitely love being involved in my friends’ celebrations of their love and lifetime committment, the sheer volume of fairytale-romance-hundred-thousand-dollar-wedding-with-matching-eggplant-colored-dresses can for sure get a little overwhelming. So that’s why I found it so refreshing to read Feministing blogger Jessica Valenti’s piece in the Guardian about her own, feminist, wedding.

She talks about many of the things I myself have wondered about — not wanting to change your last name, a measured and egalitarian proposal, the conflict of deciding to get married while so many people across the country still aren’t able to. Overall it’s a sweet piece on the existence of love and the possibility of a lifetime commitment as something outside the traditionally patriarchal wedding-industrial-complex. Highly recommended reading. Especially for those going to weddings this weekend 🙂

And from the other side of the spectrum, I had to share Sarah Haskin’s latest — on the commercial concept of a “doofy husband” — it made me laugh out loud!

Have a good weekend folks! See you Monday!

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