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Jessica Valenti’s Big Fat Feminist Wedding.

I’m not sure how many of you are having this same experience, but I’m definitely reaching an age where I have a lot of friends getting married (or struggling to get married, as is the case with some of my friends in same-sex partnerships). I’ve been a bridesmaid many many times over the past few […]

News you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Happy Monday! There was fantastic coverage of our Summer, Sex and Spirits event last week, in the New Yorker, Flavorpill, Gothamist, Bust Magazine, Feministing, Feministe, and Flavorwire. If you missed it you should also make sure to catch the great interview that ran on WCBS 880 about the event, and the great write-up that Slate’s […]

Did you win our raffle last night?

Hi everyone! Thank you so much to all those who made it out last night — the event was so much fun! It was completely packed — a lot of the rooms were almost too full to walk in — and the exhibits were, to say the least, captivating. In fact, Samantha Henig over at […]

What you should have read, but might have missed, last week.

Have you seen all of the great coverage for our Summer, Sex and Spirits event this week? It’s featured in: Time Out New York; Flavorpill; Feministe; The Daily Gotham;; And the great Repro Health Happy Hour Blog. If you haven’t yet, you’d better get your tickets today! If you get them before Thursday you’ll […]

News that you should have read, but might have missed.

What have you been reading? Here are a few of our picks from the past week or so: PPNYC’s Vice President of Education & Training and The Margaret Sanger Center International, Haydee Morales, has a great Op Ed in El Diario about the Dominican Republic’s constitutional ban on abortion. Check out the great write up […]

Pictures from Michelle Goldberg’s Book Reading!

If you’ll remember, last week the amazing author Michelle Goldberg had a reading of her new book The Means of Reproduction at Babeland in Soho. And it was fantastic! Michelle shared stories and facts from her book (like did you know George Bush Sr. used to be called “rubbers” because he was such a big […]

Sex ed for teens who’ve had, well, nothing.

Last night, as so often happens when you work at Planned Parenthood, a good friend of mine came to me with a problem. While usually I get asked about sexual health (remind me to tell you about the time a guy at a party started asking me about the little red bumps on his genitals) […]

Whoa: Scientist-made sperm.

A friend of mine sent me this article this morning on the BBC web site about scientists in the Newcastle who have created the first man-made (well, scientist-made in a lab anyways) sperm. Developed using stem cells, the little guys are able to swim on their own. There’s still a good five years before the […]

New! Improved! And More Places Than Ever Before!

Welcome back ! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July and long weekend. I know I for one am very excited to be back — why, you might ask? Well because we’ve had some very exciting developments at PPNYC over the weekend! We’ve just launched our brand-new facebook fan page, and already in […]

NYC Pride!

We’ve finally got the pictures from the Pride Parade up! The whole day was a lot of fun, even though it was packed — we heard the parade had three times as many participants as it usually does! Check out the pictures below of our fantastic Activists and staffers. And in case you STILL can’t […]