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Your non-repro health news.

Happy Friday! As the week winds down, here are a few not-quite-repro-health-related stories of note: “Helloooo, this is Dr. Maya Angelou calling. Tell me something: Would you deny your son or your daughter the ecstasy of finding someone to love?” These are some robo-calls I actually wish I was getting. I personally have always been […]

I Love This New H&M Campaign

Check this out! Cheap-chic retailer H&M has collaborated with Designers Against AIDS to launch the second annual Fashion Against AIDS collection, with twenty five percent of the sales prices going to HIV/AIDS awareness projects. Cyndi Lauper (pictured), Yoko Ono, Dita Von Teese, N.E.R.D., Moby, and Katy Perry are among the stars who’re collaborating on the […]

We have a Reader Diary!

Anyone who isn’t reading the great reproductive health news site RH Reality Check already should hop on over there. They are the best resource out there for the latest news and opinion from reproductive health sources all over the world. But, if you really needed another reason to visit the site, well we’ve got one. […]

The problem with labels

Two weeks ago Ross Douthat wrote a piece about Obama’s approach to the so-called culture wars. Well today, Planned Parenthood of New York City has a letter in the New York Times in response. The best part is where Joan Malin says: When we let politics get in the way of providing the best medical […]

Summer Love: Are We As Seasonal As The Rest of the Animal Kingdom?

A friend sent me this post over at Glamour magazine today, and it got me thinking. With the unofficial kickoff to summer upon us, how *do* you feel about summer romance? Animals definitely have seasonal mating periods, and hormones may rule women’s attraction levels throughout the month, but do us humans ever have our romances […]

Have a good weekend!

I’m not sure how it is for everyone else around the country, but here in New York it really is starting to feel like Summer. So I thought I’d share this great picture of two Dragonflies — just a reminder that yes, even insects have to think about reproductive health too. So tell me, what […]

When did you first learn about sex?

I consider myself lucky. When I was three my mom had just become pregnant with my little sister. Of course what toddler isn’t going to want to know what’s growing in mommy’s tummy and exactly how it got there? So I asked – and she answered, whipping out her vintage copy of “Our Bodies Ourselves” […]

The Midwest Teen Sex Show Goes PrimeTime!

I’ve posted many times about my love for the Midwest Teen Sex Show. I mean it’s hilarious sketch comedy that’ teaches better sex ed that most U.S. schools do – where can you go wrong? So that’s why when I saw that the MTSS was going to take a break from their regular podcasts I […]

Does this study make you want to practice withdawal?

So how many of you have seen this study about withdrawal? It comes from the Guttmacher Institute, which for those of you who don’t know, is definitely one of the leading research bodies on sexual and reproductive health, and compares pregnancy rates for couples using withdrawal for birth control versus those using the male condom. […]

Michelle Obama & Elmo Encourage You to Stay Healthy

Make this your smile of the week. (Via).