How has the economy affected your birth control?

Last night I was talking with a friend of mine who’s recently been laid off, and the conversation turned to health care. She’s lucky, her job is paying for her health insurance for an additional six months (or until she finds coverage elsewhere), but after that she’s on her own. And it got me thinking, how much is the economy affecting all of our choices about birth control and health care?

At Planned Parenthood we definitely see a lot of uninsured patients – that’s a part of being a safety net provider, and we even have a great program to help people get on public insurance if they qualify for it. An there have been a lot of stories about peoples’ birth control decisions being affected by the economy.

But what about you? Have you made any decisions about your health based on the economy? Seen a doctor less? Switched birth control? Gone for a more long term option? Or is your life staying pretty much the same?


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    I was just going over some of my favorite blog posts from the week and this one came up. I actually wrote a post yesterday on my own blog about the effect of the recession on our reproduction and talk about abortion/birth control, birth rates, assisted reproductive technology and breastfeeding.

  2. Erica
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    Oh very cool, thanks so much for sharing!

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