Daily Archives: April 14, 2009

My favorite picture of Obama so far

That was my favorite book when I was a kid. Don’t you just love it? (yes, I know this has very little to do with reproductive health, but sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up)

Sugar Daddies and Babies?

How many of you all saw this article in the New York Times Magazine this past weekend, about “Sugar Daddies” and “Sugar Babies”? I’ll admit, I was fascinated and couldn’t put it down. But over at Salon, Rebecca Traister rips into it for perpetuating gender stereotypes and feeding into the (false) mainstream media narrative of […]

All men all the time?

It’s a complaint I’ve heard many of my single female friends make on a regular basis. “I never meet any men!” they’ll say. “There are just no men anywhere!” Well, my dears, Salon has an interesting piece about how in China, they have the opposite problem. According to a report released on Friday, gender-specific abortion […]