Monthly Archives: April 2009

Do You Have a Clinic Near You?

Have you ever wandered around your neighborhood or flipped through the yellow pages, wondering where the closest place to get STD tested was? I have for sure — especially when I’d just moved to the City and had to wait two months for an appointment with my OBGYN. Well Planned Parenthood launched a pretty cool […]

Where is the pop culture?

Last week at the fabulous Words of Choice performance, an audience member was speaking about his time as a TV writer, and how difficult it was to even mention the word abortion in a script. And that got me thinking — why is it so rare to see stories about abortion (unless they’re cautionary tales […]

Mobile Health!

Ever wondered how Planned Parenthood reaches so many people? Well this month, it’s been by taking to the streets! Above is a picture of our mobile medical unit, which all throughout the month of April has been administering walk-in STD testing all throughout the city. You may have seen the inside already but if you […]


The Onion’s take on the Emergency Contraception ruling.

Get Yourself Tested!

Go to folder – Checkout PPNYC’s latest radio ad — running all this week! And don’t forget, get yourself tested!

Como Hacer Un Bebe

Thanks to Jo, comes this cute video on “how to make a baby.” (note, for real information on how to make a baby, check here)

Latest “storm” parody

As many of you know, with New York State set to vote on same-sex marriage this year, I’ve been eating up all things marriage equality. So when I saw this parody video of the infamous “gathering storm” video, I had to smile. A Gaythering Storm from Jane Lynch Funny, no? Have you seen any […]

Did you know this photo was staged?

Neither did I, until I read Megan’s fascinating piece over at Jezebel on the history of imagery of the human embryo. The whole thing is a really interesting piece of not only how images can be changed and interpreted differently, but on how our views on abortion and pregnancy have changed as a society. Definitely […]

17 Year Olds Can Get Emergency Contraception Without a Prescription!

Great news! Today the FDA announced that they would go along with a Federal Court’s ruling that they make emergency contraception available over-the-counter to anyone over age 17. Which is great news! Especially since, as the Federal Judge originally cited, the FDA decision to only make emergency contraception available over the counter to those 18+ […]

How has the economy affected your birth control?

Last night I was talking with a friend of mine who’s recently been laid off, and the conversation turned to health care. She’s lucky, her job is paying for her health insurance for an additional six months (or until she finds coverage elsewhere), but after that she’s on her own. And it got me thinking, […]