Palin appoints former Planned Parenthood board member to Alaska Supreme Court

Will wonders never cease. Is this another result of the Obamization of the nation?
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“In a move that should give social conservatives great pause, Governor Sarah Palin has appointed a former board member of Planned Parenthood to the Alaska State Supreme Court.

Palin appointed Anchorage Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen to the state’s highest court on Wednesday.

There is no disputing Palin’s appointment of Christen with her association with Planned Parenthood will cause the Alaska Supreme to lean left and will ensure a more activist court when it comes to gay marriage, and abortion.

The Christen appointment is key because she replaces justice Warren Mathews, one of the dissenting votes striking down the parental consent legislation.

The Governor, who early on won the support of Alaska liberals after she pushed through an enormous, unprecedented tax increase on the oil industry, seems to be back in their good graces with this appointment.

AND liberal bloggers responded to Palin’s Supreme Court appointment writing, “Ohmigawd!??The governor’s been taken over by space aliens.??What an improvement!”

“Wow. Way to go Palin! I can’t believe I just said that. But hey, credit where credit is due.”

“Glad to see a woman in the position to balance out the court. Good for Palin for keeping bible thumper beliefs out of the court system and honoring the separation of Church and State.”

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