Julie Rovner on HHS ruling on NPR this past Wed

BRAND: All right. So come January 20th when there’s a new president in town, can’t he just simply over turn these regulations?

ROVNER: Well, actually, the new president can’t overturn these regulations, but because the administration has waited so long, it’s possible that the new Congress can. There’s something called the Congressional Review Act and because these regulations are coming so late in the administration they are falling within the window of that Congressional Review Act. There are expedited procedures. Congress would only have to get a majority vote in the House and Senate. And in the Senate it couldn’t be filibustered and because these regulations are so controversial. It would be likely that this would be the type of regulation that could be taken up and overturned under the Congressional Review Act then the new President would merely have to sign it.

BRAND: But it sounds like a fairly lengthy process.

ROVNER: It’s not that lengthy. It’s certainly a little more lengthy than some of the other things that President-elect Obama is expected to do on the Reproductive Rights front but it’s certainly easier than having to go through the entire regulatory process again, to put through an entire rule and to go in and take more public comment.

(full NPR piece)

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