Not Blogging the Democratic Convention

I’m not going to blog about the Democratic Convention in Denver.

Except to say this…

If the recent polls showing that up to 27% of Hillary Clinton’s backers are going to vote for McCain are right, then those Hillary Clinton supporters preparing to vote for John McCain will be committing one of the dumbest acts in history.

If those Clinton backers vote for McCain it will seriously imperil the future of women’s reproductive health and rights. And as Dahlia Lithwick at Slate said recently, McCain is betting the farm that women aren’t listening to the facts about his real record.

What could these Clinton supporters be thinking?

It’s simply wrong-headed!

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  1. Matt
    Posted August 25, 2008 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

    I agree with your insight. I will take it one step further, I lay all the bodies of those young women who are future victims of back office and botch abortions which will be the only access to the operation if McCain gets in. Further more, McCain is calling for Iraq tactics used in urban neighborhoods, in what he calls a “crack down on crime.”

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