Bad Bedroom Behavior

Oh, I get it now. Having a good time in bed is the reason that the world is seemingly falling apart. How could I not know that all that sex was contributing to the overall decline of our planet? Damn, I’m so stupid. I should have known there was price to pay for all that joy, and love, and intimacy and sharing.

Why just yesterday Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales told married couples that “there should be discipline and self-control” among couples.

Couples who have the discipline to practice the Church-sanctioned natural family planning methods are “in possession of true values of life” and tend to pass it on to their children. They also tend to be good citizens, he said.

“If there is discipline in the marital bed, then there is discipline in the streets, there is discipline in schools, there is discipline in the government,” Rosales added.

OK people? Control yourselves in bed already! Got it? I mean who isn’t jonesing for more government discipline?

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