Taking some license….

Ok, this is not strictly (or even remotely) reproductive health, but I’m the blog author so I get to write about what I want.

And quite honestly the only thing I can really think about right now is the humanitarian catastrophe going on in Myanmar. For those who aren’t following, after a devastating cyclone that left upwards of 20,000 people dead (6 days ago), the government has refused to accept and/or held up international relief aid. They finally agreed to accept food shipments from the UN only to confiscate the packages, causing the UN to halt shipments. They have also refused AID from the United States.

Meanwhile, an additional 75,000 men, women and children are dying/predicted to die. And this is not even to mention the disease that will be spread by decomposing bodies, many of which are in the water supply.

How a government can sit back and let its people die is beyond comprehension. As is the frustration by our inability to do anything to help.

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