Baseball and politics

I’m not one who generally endorses the “inherent gender difference” argument. But occasionally situations arise that make me do a double take. Namely, this Guiliani/Red Sox thing. I just don’t get it. In the face of serious issues, like health care, birth control, abortion, Iraq (to name a few) why is Guiliani’s “support” of the Red Sox garnerning national attention?

One writer suggests he’s pandering to MA (which historically votes Democrat anyway) at risk of alienating CO (which historically votes Republican). And, of course, THIS could be the death knell for his support in NY (umm… really?). Never mind that the Yankees are not in the Series and could therefore not possibly be supported (something I pointed out to my brother when he stopped speaking to me several years ago after I, a New Yorker, dared to announce my support for the Red Sox too).

So anyway, forget Roe v. Wade. I guess the real question is who are Hillary and Obama rooting for?

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