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Thank you feministing for pointing out this fairly ridiculous bit where Men’s Daily News is recommending that urges dying rich men to put “men’s rights” organizations into their wills rather than their wives. The goal? To prevent their wives from funding feminist organizations.

To quote from Men’s Daily News:

In 2007, money is not only flowing into feminist organization coffers from dead widows and vindictive ex-wives like Heather Mills McCartney. The feminist groups are also getting big dollars from big politically correct corporations like Exxon-Mobil (see their support for the women-as-victims Tahirih Justice Center) and, of course, an American Congress which is filled with blackmailed perverts like Senator Larry Craig who have clearly been doing almost everything the feminists wanted just to keep themselves in business at the local men’s restroom.

Therefore, you real men who might die in the next 10 years (you could be hit by a truck) have an obligation to leave serious funds to men’s rights organizations that can do battle with the above-mentioned juggernaut. Please go change your last will and testament today (tomorrow if it is after 5PM when you read this).

Even if you only have $10K to spare in your will, that would sponsor a district-level challenge to a federal law like the so-called Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) the new version of which allows women who shack up with men to call 911, fraudulently claim abuse and keep the guys house. An example of a prime candidate for serious funding would be Dave Usher of the American Coalition of Fathers of Children. Although I am not saying that he should leave his current job immediately, I can say that American men would benefit greatly if Usher were funded to lead a men’s rights organization full-time.

Similarly, if you have a problem with the fact that both political parties are interested in background checking men before they can even say hello to women…consider funding Online Dating Rights, which is run by a brilliant Colorado man and his wife, both of whom have to earn their living in the business world now. “

Man. With such vitriol spewed against women, I’d almost be surprised if the male readership had wives to even leave their money to!

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted October 12, 2007 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    Why would you say that is anti-woman? I wrote the piece. I didn’t mean to say “screw your wife’s finances when you die”. I just meant to say that men’s rights organizations needed to be written into the wills of all men who care about whether their sons will need background checks to say hello to women…except, with the IMBRA law, that day is already here.

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