As we gear up for a nice long weekend, some short little comments.

1. Have y’all been following the “grey rape” discussion? I’ve tried to avoid really engaging because I don’t think some things really warrant a discussion (i.e. the question of whether or not someone was raped if she was passed out and woke up to find a man having sex with, umm, raping, her). But I do want to throw out a brief position stolen from a button I got my freshman year of college: “If she says no, it’s rape.” And, oh yeah, if she’s passed out, it’s also rape.

2. Larry Craig’s 15 minutes have lasted 15 minutes too long.

3. Unrelated to all our relevant issues, but how tragic is that many of the dogs that Michael Vick tortured and turned into monsters will likely now have to be put down because many are unrehabilitatable (word?)?

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